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Friends Only

Friends Only

This journal is currently on hiatus and my return date is undecided. Despite this, I will routinely check it for comments or messages. Please do not hesitate to add me even if you're just looking for a friend who frequents the same communities and pairings. Just be sure to comment if you add me, let me know how I might know you, and everything will go smoothly.

Thanks guys!

Dig my FO? Check out the lovely babydykecate, who was gracious enough to make it.
Title: It’s All in the Interpretation
Word Count: ~1100
Rating/Warning: PG-13 for the violence that follows Elle and resulting language
Pairing(s): Elle Bishop/Remy Hadley [Thirteen], implied Claire Bennet/Elle Bishop
Summary: Elle gets herself into trouble and then out. The former is always easier.

Author's Note: Not mine, not real, no profit made.
A discussion with usakeh led to the cracked notion of Elle Biship of Heroes and Remy Hadley [Thirteen] of House M.D. somehow being involved. Hence, we have my first crossover and it is pure insane. I kinda like it.
For usakeh, of course. Beta'd by yan00b, so any remaining errors are mine.

She didn’t want to hurt the pretty doctor, but Elle had the feeling that she was supposed to dispose of her.Collapse )

Eclaire drabbles, Fic: Heroes

Rating: Up through R for mentions of sex
Prompts/Pairings: Sleek, Viper, Twist, Collared, Blondes, Fire, and Lingering, respectively; all Elle Bishop/Claire Bennet
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, no profit made.
Author's Note: Got to talking with usakeh about Eclaire and how sexah they are. This is the cracktastic result. All are for her. :) Please pardon if my characterization is off as I've never written them before.

There’s just something about two blondes...Collapse )


Okay guys. Sooo school's wrapping up and I'm getting myself back into writing for the sake of my health. It's been up and down lately; I'm quite convinced that my lack of writing is partially responsible. Therefore, I need the help of my flist!

I want prompts. Crazy prompts, serious prompts, smut prompts, clean prompts, prompts, prompts, prompts. No promises, but I really want to see what my rusty brain can come up with. Here's a prompt format that I stole from usakeh:

Fandom / Characters or Pairing / Prompt Word, Phrase or Image

So prompt me! I am willing to take any of the following fandoms:

Wicked [musical or book verse]
House M.D.
Gossip Girl
The L Word
Heroes [up through Season 2; I studiously ignore Season 3]
Harry Potter [the above Heroes warning applies here through the 5th book, but I know everything major that happens because spoilers suck lol]
RPF for any of the above shows/movies

and anything else you guys remember me having mentioned or written in. If you're not sure, post a prompt anyway! If you know of a movie/book pairing you'd like to see but aren't sure I've seen/read it, try me! I mostly do femslash pairings but again, feel free to give me the prompt and I'll see how it strikes me. :)

Happy prompting and thanks in advance!

"Starving", Fic: House M.D.

Title: Starving
Rating: PG
Prompts/Pairings: "Cuddy/Cameron; apples" requested by rolleson forever ago; Allison Cameron/Lisa Cuddy
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Summary: Every now and then, Cameron surprises.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, no profit made.
Author's Note: This prompt was posted as part of a ficathon held over at housefemslash forever ago. It wasn't my prompt and so I withheld and wrote my assigned piece; now I'm posting this just because.

She looks down and there it is in all of its unmoving glory-Collapse )

"Wait, Wonder, Run", Fic: House M.D.

Title: Wait, Wonder, Run
Rating: PG
Prompts/Pairings: "What are you hiding?" provided by usakeh, Allison Cameron/Remy Hadley [Thirteen]
Spoilers/Warnings: Slight canon time line editing
Summary: Cameron absolutely, irrevocably hates Thirteen… sort of.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, no profit made.
Author's Note: Written for a summer ficathon over at housefemslash. Written for the lovely mod and my dear friend usakeh.

Cameron realizes she’s turning into House and refuses to think about Thirteen anymore.Collapse )

"Addict", Fic: House M.D.

Title: Addict
Rating: R
Prompts/Pairings: Allison Cameron/Remy Hadley [Thirteen]
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Summary: This is going so fast- too fast- and that frightens her more than anything.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, no profit made.
Author's Note: A short piece posted over at housefemslash.

They're both scared out of their minds, but they can't stop now.Collapse )
A review of the 23 March 2007 Evanescence concert in Ceder Falls, IA. Cut to save your f-lists.
Biggest lesbian convention of my life. Which is saying something.Collapse )